I asked my mommy for a pet skunk,
Because I really wanted one.
We would play and laugh and jump and sing,
And have a lot of fun!

I told my Mommy that if she said no, I would jump and yell and cry,
So she made me a deal:
“I’ll get you a skunk,” she said,
“When pigs begin to fly!”

Oh, this is a hard one,
I’d better sleep on it.
Wait, I know what to do!
My light bulb is lit!

Well, it’s off to the farm,
Because a pig is what I need,
But I need to get past Farmer Brown.
Oh, good! He’s planting seeds!

Now I got my pig,
But how can I make him fly?
I’ll need feathers, wire, and wood.
This pig will soar right across the sky.

I worked in the dark,
I worked in the sun,
But that pig wouldn’t fly,
That son of a gun!

Well, wings didn’t work.
Yeah, that idea wasn’t so hot.
But I had a better one in mind,
I’ll build a slingshot!

That slingshot worked alright,
And boy, that pig flew!
He went right past Atlantic City,
And you better bet it’s true!

My mommy sighed and let out a groan.
She looked really, really sad,
Because I didn’t get the concept,
That skunks smell real bad!

Well I brought my skunk home,
And boy, was he cute!
But then something happened,
He started to toot!

And then my skunk sprayed me,
And I got really mad.
Yes, this was the story of the pet skunk,
That I wish I never had!

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