This is your last chance at SANITY.
You are the GREEDIEST person alive.
You are climbing a very tall tower, because at the very top, lies a lifetime supply of jewels.
There are SO many jewels, that the people at the top of the tower throw them, just for fun.
They do not want you to steal their supply of jewels, so they are trying to shoot you with a bow and arrow.
If you get hit, you DIE.
As you are climbing the tower, try to collect the jewels that are being thrown.
Because you are so GREEDY, if you don’t collect at least one jewel, every five seconds, you will DIE of depression.

The tower is supported three tall pillars.
To jump between the pillars, use the left and right arrow keys.
To move to the left or right of the pillar you are on, press and hold the A and D keys.

See how long you can keep playing.

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