After Lunch, we had an assembly.  While our vice principal spoke on and on about how much money we had raised in our fund raiser and the good that it did to others, assuming that people were listening, everyone was talking about what might have happened to Sammy.

“I hear he got really sick.”

“No, nobody’s been sick since November. He probably went on vacation.”

“No, we have to tell our teacher if we’re going on vacation.”

“Maybe he did tell her. Either way, he probably just ran away.”

“No, Sammy’s a nice, sensible kid with a great life and a lot of friends. He wouldn’t just run away like that.”

Everyone had an opinion, and everyone else had a reason why everyone else’s opinion couldn’t be true.

“SILENCE!!” Our Vice Principal (int)erupted with the voice he always used when he had finally figured out that no one was paying attention. “Now that I have everyone’s attention, Mr. Hazel will now give us the wonderful speech he has prepared!”

A deafening, high-pitched scream echoed throughout the gymnasium.

“Oh, come on!”  Someone called. “His speeches aren’t that bad!”

But whoever had said it was ignored. We all knew that a scream like that couldn’t be for something as normal as an assembly. It was caused by something even worse than one of Mr. Hazel’s speeches. It was the sound of pure terror.

Ears ringing, me and many other students stood up and hurried to the back door of the Gym, while Mr. Hazel tried desperately to calm us down.

As I pushed my way towards the front of the crowd, the door was pushed open. I reached the front and there I saw something I couldn’t believe: Sammy Hyde lay on the ground, dead, a knife wound in his back. The scream had come from Mr. Fletcher.

That’s when I saw it: A long trail of mud went along the hallway, from where Sammy lay, all the wat down the hallway, and around the corner. Sammy’s shoes were covered with mud. I knew that Sammy wasn’t the cleanest of all kids, but he would never make a mess like this on purpose. Sammy must have been chased—by the murderer! The corner of the hallway where the mud disappeared led right to the front doors. Sammy must have come in, looking for help, when his pursuer caught up to him, which meant that the murderer must still have been around!

Without thinking, I dashed to the end of the hallway and turned the corner, just in time to see the front doors of the school close with a slam. I ran to the doors and opened them, but it was too late.

The murderer was gone!

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