Suddenly, it hit me: the only place that someone could have gone that quickly was one of the portables, but teachers always locked their portables during assemblies—which meant that the murderer must have had a key! The only people with keys to the portables were the teachers who taught in them, and the principal and vice-principal. Sammy was murdered during the assembly, so the murderer couldn’t be Mr. Hazel, who was at the assembly, along with our principal and vice principal. That still left five possible suspects and one puzzling question: Why was Sammy murdered?

Everyone was cautious for the rest of the afternoon nobody knew who would be next. During art, I noticed my classmates constantly watching the door. Mr. Dodson, the art teacher wasn’t much better, as we all worked on our clay sculptures, I caught a glimpse every now and then of him nervously watching the door, as if expecting someone to burst into the room any minute and kill him.

After school, I hurried home from the bus stop, looking over my shoulder.

When I got home, my mother was instantly worried.  “What’s the matter?”  She asked, seeing the look on my face.

“Sammy Hyde died today,” I said. “He was murdered.”

“Don’t be silly!” She snapped. Clearly she didn’t believe me. “A murder is nothing to joke about!”

Great.  Now I was in trouble.

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