“Quick!”  I told Mr. Fletcher. “The other door!” He silently nodded and we all headed for the other door of the gymnasium. Mr. Fletcher unlocked the door just as there was a loud CRASH and the window in the door behind us shattered. A hand reached through the window and began to turn the doorknob from the inside!

“Hurry!” I exclaimed. “Everybody out, now!” As everyone hurried through the door, there was a CLICK from the other door, and it pushed open. The darkness in the gym prevented me from getting a clear view of the murderer’s face, but I could tell that whoever it was running towards us. Just as the last of us exited the last of us exited the gym, the murderer caught up with us. A hand reached out to us through the doorway, and suddenly, I got an idea. As quickly as I possibly could, I ran to back to the door, and slammed it on the murderer’s fingers.

“YOW!” There was a howl of pain, and the 13 of us escaped down the hallway just as the bell rang for recess.

“Wow.” I said to Tim. “That was close. And the only thing I know is that the murderer has a portable.” I told him about what had happened after the assembly.

“It was Mr. Dodson.” Tim concluded.

“How do you know?” I asked.

“I went home for lunch yesterday and I was a bit late getting back to school. As I came in, I saw Mr. Dodson run out the front doors and into Portable Number Four at exactly the same time as you say he disappeared.”

One thing just didn’t make sense. “Why would Mr. Dodson kill Sammy?” I wondered.

“Revenge.” Tim explained. “Remember that time in art class when Sammy accidentally dropped the electric pencil sharpener on his foot? He broke two bones. His mom picked him up early to go to the hospital. Remember that he was in a cast right up until the Winter Break?  His parents blamed Mr. Dodson. They sued him.”

“Then why would he break into the gym?” I asked.

“He was after me. When I noticed him running out the front doors, he saw me watching. He knows I’m a witness.”

I thought about this.  “If we tell the police,” I said, “then we’ll just get in trouble for lying.  They’ll never believe two kids.”

“Don’t worry.”  Said Tim.  “I have a plan.”

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