How I Got My Pet Skunk

I asked my mommy for a pet skunk,
Because I really wanted one.
We would play and laugh and jump and sing,
And have a lot of fun!


Sometimes I like school,
Sometimes I don’t.
Sometimes I try,
And sometimes I won’t.

National Geographic

The National Geographic features landscapes and wonders of various places, and is imported from the National Geographic website.

McGuinty’s Last Year at the Polls (Parody of Jingle Bells)

Made some big mistakes.
With new bill,
Laws are what he makes.

President Snow’s Big Plans (Parody of O Canada)

President Snow!
He made the Hunger Games!
Killed the tributes, until just one remained.
This continued for sev’nty five years,
In the nation of Panem!
The districts didn’t,
Like it so, an uprising began.
President Snow, would like to try again!
Another nation will be like Panem.
Another nation will be like Panem.

Abstract Astonishments

????????????????????????????????????????Explore different types of abstract, computer-animated art, complete with swirls, stars, and bursts. Discover swirls, flashes, and lights with the same theme: the colour blue. Other than computer-animated imagery, abstract art can be found in real life. We picture ordinary things in a creative way.

Rocket Race

rocketraceExplore the galactic realms of space with this exciting game. Use your arrow keys to guide the rocket to Earth while avoiding the aliens and meteoroids. Go to the other planets for points.

You Juggle, You Slip!

youjuggleyouslipKeep the fast-moving balls in the air in this challenging game. Throughout the cities, control the hand with the arrow keys to keep the different balls in the air. Collide with the hearts with your ball for extra lives.

Trivia Quiz: History, Geography, and Science

triviaquizTest your knowledge with this trivia quiz consisting of historical, geographical, and scientific questions. This quiz is downloadable onto your computer, but can only be opened with Microsoft Excel 2007-2013.

Divergent Series (by Veronica Roth) Book Trailer

This PowerPoint-made trailer for the number-one New York Times bestselling Divergent series (Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant) is interesting and captivating. The soundtrack is the instrumental version of Atlas by Coldplay.