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Bi-Weekly Puzzles — Season 1

Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #29

This is it: the last Bi-Weekly Puzzle of 2016. Next year we’ll be back, with a brand-new collection of puzzles and a new look.

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2016 Puzzle Compilation

As Christmas approaches, we at Shufflenet would like to present to you the final, twelfth Post of Christmas, and also an early present.

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #28

Here it is: the last Bi-Weekly Puzzle before Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, starting today, Shufflenet is excited to announce the 12 Posts of Christmas, where we bring you exciting content every day leading up to Christmas.

And speaking of puzzles, every couple days we’re going to give you a single letter. By the time Christmas rolls around, you should have all 6. The letters will form a word, which you can enter at Shufflenet Rewards to claim a prize: our gift to you this holiday season.

But in case that just isn’t enough puzzling for you, don’t forget about this week’s Bi-Weekly Puzzle.

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #27

A puzzle of cities!? Yep. Patterns are everywhere. Patterns…

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #26

Find x.
13, x, 39, 52,

Well anyhow, here’s the xth Bi-Weekly Puzzle!

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #25

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #24

Is it a pattern?
Is it an acronym?
A mnemonic?
A code?
That’s up for you to decide!

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #23

It’s October, and the Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzles are still going strong!

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #22

Easy yet hard. That’s a puzzling statement.

The latest Bi-Weekly Puzzle is quite puzzling, too!

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