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Puzzle of the Month: June’s Solution



Puzzle of the Month: June


In the city above, create one looping road so that each of the cells with numbers in them will have that many sides touching a road. For example, for a cell with a 3 in it, three of the four sides will be a road.


  1. The road must be one none branching loop, and the loop may not cross itself, or have dead ends.
  2. The road can only be on the dotted line.
  3. Squares with no number can have roads touching them too.

How many sides of the cell with a number sign will be touching a road?

The solution will be available on July 1, 2014 here on Shufflenet.

Puzzle of the Month: May

The Dependability Quiz on April 1 was an April Fools joke! It’s actually impossible. This is the May quiz:

Statement 1 The answer to this statement is different from the answer to Statement 4 True or False?
Statement 2 There are more true statements in this puzzle than false statements True or False?
Statement 3 Statement 1 is true True or False?
Statement 4 Statement 1 is false True or False?
Statement 5 The answer to this statement is different from the answer to Statement 2 True or False?


Look at Statement 1. What is the answer to Statement 4?

Is Statement 2 true or false? What does that make Statement 5?


Statement 4 is false.

Puzzle of the Month: April Fools!


Each of these statements depend on each other. Can you find the answers to them?

1 The answer to this statement is the same as the answer to Statement 3 True or False?
2 The answer to this statement is different from the answer to Statement 1 True or False?
3 All the statements in this puzzle have the same answers True or False?

Puzzle of the Month: January’s Solution

Did you get January’s puzzle?

If you didn’t then here you go. Fill your boots!


Puzzle of the Month: January

January’s Puzzle of the Month is a cross between a crossword-puzzle and a word search.


The grid above is color-coded with this key:


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Puzzle of the Month


The Puzzle of the Month is an exciting new addition to Shufflenet. We will post a puzzle every month and you get to solve it. The solution will be posted the next month. Check back soon for January’s puzzle.

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