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Watch Yourself

Guide the four flames around the room while collecting jewels and avoiding spikes. But there’s a catch: they can only move once they have touched a rock. How far can you get?

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Worst Case Scenario: Dive

This is the absolute WORST CASE SCENARIO.
You have found yourself in an ENDLESS sea of water.
But you are not alone.
You are surrounded by fish, with which you can BOOST your energy.
But among them, is a PREDATOR—your predator—in your EPIC feat to reach land.
And past EVERY mile, its number only seems to GROW.
How far can you swim?

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I Must Have Jewels

This is your last chance at SANITY.
You are the GREEDIEST person alive.
You are climbing a very tall tower, because at the very top, lies a lifetime supply of jewels.
There are SO many jewels, that the people at the top of the tower throw them, just for fun.
They do not want you to steal their supply of jewels, so they are trying to shoot you with a bow and arrow.
If you get hit, you DIE.
As you are climbing the tower, try to collect the jewels that are being thrown.
Because you are so GREEDY, if you don’t collect at least one jewel, every five seconds, you will DIE of depression.

The tower is supported three tall pillars.
To jump between the pillars, use the left and right arrow keys.
To move to the left or right of the pillar you are on, press and hold the A and D keys.

See how long you can keep playing.

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You Juggle, You Slip!

Keep the fast-moving balls in the air in this challenging game. Throughout the cities, control the hand with the arrow keys to keep the different balls in the air. Collide with the hearts with your ball for extra lives.

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Rocket Race

Explore the galactic realms of space with this exciting game. Use your arrow keys to guide the rocket to Earth while avoiding the aliens and meteoroids. Go to the other planets for points.

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Maze Escape

Escape from the maze without touching the edges of the maze which are shifting.

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Dragons in the Mountains

Guide the dragon to the silver ball by using the left and right keys.

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Zoom to the Rock

Use the arrow keys to guide the fire to the rock. Collect the lucky books for points.

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Get the Gold


Select the up arrow key to release the character into the air. On the way, try to catch as many thunder coins as possible. The point of the game is to reach the gold coin and reach the next level.

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