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Summer Road Trip

Shufflenet 🛣️ Summer Roadtrip

Happy Summer!

It’s that time of year when many of us head off to our vacations. But no matter where you are or what you’re doing this season, you can help Shufflenet celebrate!

Come along on Shufflenet’s Summer Road Trip, where we make a voyage through Shufflenet, stopping at some of our best original content. You’ll also come across some exclusive content that can only be found on the Roadtrip. But no matter where you end up, there’s no telling where you’ll stop next!

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The Advancement of Evening: A Poem

“The Advancement of Evening”

Inspired by William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies

The deep sea breaks miles away
Where the crying gulls return
To their roosts among the square sea rocks.
When the day so hot adjourns.

The butterflies dance round and round,
And the songs of the birds grow faint.
For nature keeps its peaceful ways
Free of man’s constraint.

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How to Perform an Amazing Card Trick

Have you ever wanted to astound your friends? Or maybe to prove to someone that you have psychic powers? How about you just wanted to do something awesome?

Today Shufflenet teaches you an easy, but mind-blowing magic trick, so that using only ordinary, household objects, you can do the extraordinary.

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Magic Squares

Sudoku fanatics: meet your match! Come test your wits in the new, original game from Shufflenet, where you make every row and every column sum to the same number, while using the numbers one through sixteen once, and only once.

Play Online

The new online version now gives you a free Shufflenet Rewards Code if you win! For more about Shufflenet Rewards, click here.

For more information on magic squares and how to create them, check out the Shufflenet Tutorial, found here.

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The 10 Top News Stories of 2016

2016 Puzzle Compilation

As Christmas approaches, we at Shufflenet would like to present to you the final, twelfth Post of Christmas, and also an early present.

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Phillip Oakwood and the Terrible Trouble with Teachers: Chapter 1

It was just like any average school day at S. L. Cooper Public School. In math class, Mrs. Jones, while ‘teaching’ us about the correct order of operations, had, as usual, used subtraction before exponents, and, as usual, insisted that it was all Harold Xavier’s fault (again).

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Winter Block Puzzle Challenge

We challenge you to take on Shufflenet’s winter Block Puzzle. Seven blocks must be arranged perfectly into the square, leaving one remaining piece. But there is a trick. Can you solve it?
Tweet us @ShufflenetWS with the trick, and you’ll receive a Shufflenet Rewards code to redeem a prize!

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Today’s letter:


Stay updated to collect all six!

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