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12 Posts of Christmas

2016 Puzzle Compilation

As Christmas approaches, we at Shufflenet would like to present to you the final, twelfth Post of Christmas, and also an early present.

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Phillip Oakwood and the Terrible Trouble with Teachers: Chapter 1

It was just like any average school day at S. L. Cooper Public School. In math class, Mrs. Jones, while ‘teaching’ us about the correct order of operations, had, as usual, used subtraction before exponents, and, as usual, insisted that it was all Harold Xavier’s fault (again).

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Watch Yourself

Guide the four flames around the room while collecting jewels and avoiding spikes. But there’s a catch: they can only move once they have touched a rock. How far can you get?

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The 10 Best Christmas Carols of All Time

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Shufflenet Christmas Puzzle 2016

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YouTube Rewind: The Ultimate 2016 Challenge | #YouTubeRewind

Here’s a look back on 2016, from the perspective of YouTube and its community.

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The Best Brain Puzzles

#6 The Mutilated Chess Board

The props for this problem are a chessboard and 32 dominoes. Each domino is of such size that it exactly covers two adjacent squares on the board. The 32 dominoes therefore can cover all 64 of the chessboard squares. But now suppose we cut off two squares at diagonally opposite corners of the board and discard one of the dominoes. Is it possible to place the 31 dominoes on the board so that all the remaining 62 squares are covered? If so, show how it can be done. If not, prove it impossible.

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Winter Block Puzzle Challenge

We challenge you to take on Shufflenet’s winter Block Puzzle. Seven blocks must be arranged perfectly into the square, leaving one remaining piece. But there is a trick. Can you solve it?
Tweet us @ShufflenetWS with the trick, and you’ll receive a Shufflenet Rewards code to redeem a prize!

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