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Winter Block Puzzle Challenge

We challenge you to take on Shufflenet’s winter Block Puzzle. Seven blocks must be arranged perfectly into the square, leaving one remaining piece. But there is a trick. Can you solve it?
Tweet us @ShufflenetWS with the trick, and you’ll receive a Shufflenet Rewards code to redeem a prize!

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Today’s letter:


Stay updated to collect all six!

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Shufflenet Bi-Weekly Puzzle #28

Here it is: the last Bi-Weekly Puzzle before Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas, starting today, Shufflenet is excited to announce the 12 Posts of Christmas, where we bring you exciting content every day leading up to Christmas.

And speaking of puzzles, every couple days we’re going to give you a single letter. By the time Christmas rolls around, you should have all 6. The letters will form a word, which you can enter at Shufflenet Rewards to claim a prize: our gift to you this holiday season.

But in case that just isn’t enough puzzling for you, don’t forget about this week’s Bi-Weekly Puzzle.

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Shufflenet Retro Games

Help us celebrate the launch of our new all-original games site. This important milestone includes the brand new online version of some of our previous games The Nim Game and Guess the Number, as well as an all-new original game, involving Magic Squares. You can check out this great new website at All of our new games reward the winner with a complimentary Shufflenet Rewards code; learn more about this here.

Instagram Contest

If you like a post on our Instagram, you will be entered to win a Shufflenet Rewards code every Monday.

In addition, at the end of the summer, all of our email subscribers will receive a complimentary Shufflenet Rewards code.

Don’t forget to stay tuned for lots of new content all summer long!

100 Posts from Shufflenet

Today, the WebSmith Organization is celebrating a milestone. This is the one-hundredth post to be published on Shufflenet. As we look back on all that we’ve done, we also look to the future, and all that it holds. To help ensure that our next hundred posts are better than the last hundred, we ask all of our loyal fans and followers to take a moment to complete our brief feedback survey. Help us celebrate this historic moment with the complementary Shufflenet Rewards code that you will receive after completing the survey.

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Happy Quinquennial Anniversary

Five years ago today, our designers had a vision. Today, we have the WebSmith Organization: the proud manager of three diverse blogs. Help us celebrate our quinquennial birthday with this complementary Shufflenet Rewards code shown below. You can download Shufflenet Rewards here.


Year-End Announcements & Shufflenet Rewards


cooltext152643274280603Before we announce Shufflenet’s latest addition, we would like to end off Shufflenet’s 12 Days of Christmas by wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. It has been a pleasure bringing you twelve straight days of Christmas-themed content for the second year in a row, and we hope to continue this festive tradition.

We would like to end off this year, not by looking back at our accomplishments for 2015, but by looking up to our future goals for an exciting new year, 2016. Exciting, why? Check this out. Anyway, there’s also some excitement for us at Shufflenet.

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