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We Need to Build a Wall (Parody Of “The Writing’s On The Wall” by Sam Smith)

When Trump’s elected,
A wall will be erected.
He’s spent a whole year running,
And he’ll soon be here to stay.
And when his wall is finished,
He’ll make Mexico pay!

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Donald Trump Skits & Parodies

When it’s election season, we can’t resist posting some of late night TV’s most hilarious renditions of Donald Trump. Here are our picks.

Note: Some videos are not available outside of the United States.

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Apple Parodies

Soon-To-Be Apple Commercial

Christmas Movie Limericks

Home Alone


Kevin’s family went away.
But poor young Kevin had to stay.
His house got robbed,
But the burglars sobbed,
And had a real bad day.



A North Pole elf who wasn’t short
Had to move south to New York.
He didn’t fit in,
But had a great big grin,
And found a girlfriend to court.

The Santa Clause


Scott Calvin thought Santa was a spoof,
‘Till he saw Santa fall off his roof.
So he put on the suit,
And tied up his boots.
At least now there was proof.

The Grinch Who Needed Christmas



Parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss

When the Whos down in Whoville were in the Christmas mood, the Grinch, who lived just north of Whoville, was too. The Grinch adored Christmas, he loved the whole season. That’s just how it is; there isn’t a reason.

When the Grinch was younger, he didn’t have friends. His clothes didn’t follow the fashions or trends. ‘Twas the Christmas season who brought him his peace, though no one would ever buy him a roast beast. To him the meaning of Christmas was joy. Not to miss lots of school or buy a new toy.

Now when December was nearing its end, the Grinch knew that Christmas was rounding the bend. The Grinch wanted to celebrate like he was a Who, but the Whos didn’t like him. That much he knew. The Whos thought the Grinch was scary and mean. All the Grinch’s life, that’s all he had seen.

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Fun Christmas Limericks

Santa fell off of the roof,
‘Cause he got kicked by his reindeer’s hoof.
He weighed a few hundred pounds,
But he fell to the ground.
And that’s why we all think he’s a goof.

Breaking into houses gets old,
But we know that Santa’s real bold.
He doesn’t bother knocking,
He just goes in and fills stockings.
And then goes back into the cold.

Mad Libs

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